Engineering Services

Eden Valley Contracts has always provided electrical installation and specialist engineering to clients but, with recent growth in the team, we can now offer a much fuller range of mechanical and electrical engineering services.

We can now work on stand-alone engineering projects such as anaerobic digesters as well as bigger industrial installations. Skills such as welding, pipework installation and the development of control panels and building management systems are now all part of the Eden Valley Contracts package.

expertise you can rely on

Plant rooms are often at the heart of a range of commercial facilities, from factories and energy plants to hotels and office buildings. Eden Valley Contracts now has the mechanical and electrical engineering expertise in house to deal with the demands of upgrading and installing plant room equipment and systems as part of your commercial refurbishment project.

If you want a team that will take care and deliver your mechanical & electrical engineering project on time, on budget and up to spec, please get in touch: